Only some Termites feed on Wood

Only some Termites feed on Wood

Did you know that most termite species feed on grass and debris?

There are only a few out of hundreds of termite species causing serious damage to Australian Homes. But these are the ones of importance to House Owners. Specifically, wooden buildings are threatened since these termites eat cellulose, starches and sugars (carbohydrates) that they obtain from wood. Preferably they feed on splinters of wood rather than heartwood. It has a better food value and is less durable.  What is more, the heartwood of trees occasionally holds toxic inclusions which makes these tree species resistant to termites.

Termites obtain their protein from fungi that grow in and on the surface of wood. Moist surroundings in hidden places such as subfloors are perfect for unhindered termite proliferation. Unnoticed by house owners they hollow beams or pillars from inside out whilst from outside they still look untouched.

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