Termite Thermal Imaging Inspection

Get a more accurate snapshot of what’s really happening beneath the surface with a Thermal Imaging Scan.

Using the latest state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology combined with standard inspection tools and techniques, Quality Termite Control provides you a broader and more comprehensive assessment of the premises.

Infrared Thermal Imaging passively reads the temperature differential of the surface it is pointed at so that termite problems may be detected without disturbing walls, possibly before termites create significant damage. Within their nest, workings and leads, termites create a climate which is hotter than its surroundings. Thermal imaging cameras will allow the inspector to identify temperature variations within the wall linings, floors, ceilings, cavities and concealed areas which are not visible to the naked eye. A thermal scan is not actually a photograph, rather a display of 307,200 individual temperature readings (in some cameras).

Our trained inspector can analyse an image in seconds to identify possible termite activity or risk areas. Having located where termites may be active, it is then necessary to confirm their presence by further investigation. We do this by looking inside a concealed area with a boroscope or snake camera.

Benefits of Thermal Imaging Termite Inspection

Rapid and effective scanning for termites

The Thermal Imaging Camera adds valuable information on hard to see areas to a Visual Pest Inspection, and allows us to assess areas that were previously impossible to access without removing wall linings.

No damage to building

Infrared Inspection is a non-invasive and non-intrusive tool that is designed to identify and assess termite activity within poorly accessible and concealed areas, such as within wall window/door frames, ceiling and under floors.

Quick and immediate information on termite infestations

Pictures to provide evidence of infestation where we can instantly identify problem areas that can be immediately documented into a report, in which clients will easily be able to comprehend.

No radiation or chemicals used

Thermal Imaging technology is entirely safe and poses no threat to health, as the equipment only detects infrared radiation naturally emitted from an object and does not emit anything itself.

Environmentally friendly

Method of successfully locating termite activity in buildings, trees, retaining walls and other timber structures.

Thermal imaging cameras are an effective tool to enable inspectors to quickly and easily identify possible termite risk areas that require further investigation.

A thermal image inspection can find various, previously undetected problems in many areas of any home, old or new.

An inspection can be performed inside or out, in any season.

Thermal Imaging is here, and it’s available for your benefit now!

Just as X-rays, CAT scans, and MRI’s have been an invaluable tool in the medical field, infrared thermal imaging technology is a breakthrough in the inspection and assessment of buildings and equipment. This technology has been used widely in military and industrial applications, and now it’s available to you, at your house or business, at a very competitive price.

Every homeowner should take advantage of this cutting-edge home inspection ability. It has been estimated that only 5% of home inspectors nationwide use thermal imaging technology.

Common Applications for Thermal Imaging

When should you contact us for a Thermal Imaging Inspection?

See more with our thermal camera!

If you are concerned about termites in your home or need a Termite Inspection carried out on a property that you are looking to purchase, you can book your inspection online or call Quality Termite Control.

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