Invasive Inspection

Invasive Inspection

What is an Invasive Inspection? Why/When do you need it?

Here at Quality Termite Control we do Termite Inspections, Thermal Imaging Camera (infrared) Inspections, Moisture Inspections, Building Inspections and a lot more. When we pick up or spot high moisture readings on walls or thermal abnormalities the next stage will be the Invasive Inspection.

These readings can be caused for various reasons, such as water ingress/leaks; termite activity; over-heated wiring etc., and will always need further investigation.

To perform an Invasive Inspection we would first need to apply for written permission from the vendor, following that we would drill holes in the walls or any other areas and send a snake camera (Boroscope) through to find out what could be the reason for any high moisture readings detected.

Please see the image below of the termite damage found recently after performing an Invasive Inspection of a Sydney home.

Please contact Quality Termite Control on 1800 656343.

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