Termite Thermal Imaging Inspection

Using the latest state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology combined with standard inspection tools and techniques, Quality Termite Control provides you a broader and more comprehensive assessment of the premises. Infrared Thermal Imaging passively reads the temperature differential of the surface it is pointed at so that termite problems may be detected without disturbing walls, possibly before …

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Why we need Termite Inspections?

“Avoid nasty surprises” Why do we need termite inspections? In Australia, 1 in 3 properties are at risk of termite infestations. Don’t be one of the many unfortunate property owners who discover a major expense bill when their property structure becomes weakened due to wood eating termites! A regular annual termite inspection will save you …

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Termite Mud Tubes

Termites are very secretive and will often enter a building through areas inaccessible to inspection, such as, via on-ground patios, cracks or expansion joints or around concrete slab flooring, particularly if the slab edge is obscured by pathways or garden beds. This is an example of a mud-shelter tube that subterranean termites have built over …

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Ants are defiant and persistant

Ants are incredibly defiant and persistent and are a pest problem for most households in Australia. Does your kitchen have a continual ant trail straight into the pantry? Even unopened baked goods don’t stand a chance. Ants bite straight through the packing and eat your sweet treats long before you get a chance to have …

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Methods of Control and Eradication

At Quality Pest Control, we can control general pest infestations by applying the following methods of control and eradicationSurface Spray – we apply specially formulated spray (deadly to pests, but friendly to people, pets and the environment). We use a variety of pest sprays formulated for specific pests that not only kill the pests, but …

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