Termite inspection cost, termite damage, termite infestation

Termite inspection cost, termite damage, termite infestation

A termite infestation inside the home is one of those things a property owner never wishes to see or come across. Unfortunately termites, which prefer dark, damp, warm areas of a home, will need to be stopped in their tracks as soon as possible to avoid severe damage to a home. We are here to help! Our professional, skilled, and licensed Quality Termite Control termite inspector can help to exterminate termite in your home and to ensure the pests are entirely eradicated.

If the presence of termites in the home isn’t noticed early on, the potential damage can soon escalate, and cause a significant impact on the structure of a building. If the termites are left to the point of structural damage, the repair cost might well grow into thousands of dollars. In general, a home insurance company excludes damage as a result of termites, so it is essential for a property owner to keep on top of this type of problem, which should mean that at least the right preventative treatment is put in place.

The cost of our termite inspection is only $249 for complete and thorough inside/outside, roof/subfloor inspection.

Termite Inspection Cost / Termite Treatment Cost / Termite Monitoring Systems Cost

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