Termite Control Sydney

Quality Termite Control Sydney provides the following services:

        • Sub Floor Chemical Treatment
        • Chemical Barrier Treatment
        • Monitoring Systems
        • Pre-Construction Termite Treatments
        • Pre-Purchase Termite Inspections
        • Pre-Purchase Building Inspections
        • Thermal Imaging Inspection

Worried about termite infestation? You should be. Termites cause untold damage to property structures, particularly in Australia.

Australian suburbs are blessed with beautiful trees and bush, but combined with often wet weather, can provide the perfect breeding ground for termites. For home owners, this can lead to huge expense bills when their property structures become weakened by termite infestations.

At Quality Termite Control Sydney we provide thorough termite pest detection and removal. Once termite presence is confirmed, we safely and effectively remove the termites without any damage to the existing property structure or harming the environment. For your peace of mind, use Quality Termite Control Sydney, experts in the termite pest control industry.

Fully Qualified and Insured

Our friendly termite pest control technicians are fully qualified and insured.

Using sophisticated equipment, Quality Termite Pest Control Sydney technicians can accurately locate the termite activity, species and the most effective treatment. This means that the solution can be targeted to pinpointed areas, ensuring that only the affected areas of the property are treated, thereby keeping the removal treatment solution cost effective.

Best Equipment and Products

At Quality Pest Control Sydney, we use only the best tools and equipment the industry offers, ensuring accurate termite detection through thermal, moisture sensor and radar detection, leading to swift and complete removal of termites.

“We use what others only promise”

Treatment Plan and Ongoing Termite Activity Monitoring

At Quality Termite Pest Control Sydney we offer annual monitoring and treatment plans for your peace of mind. Our Treatment Plans include termite inspections and reports, eradication of termites, monitoring systems and drill checks on surrounding trees and termite barriers.


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