Termite Infestation/Damage in Sydney Houses

Termites feed mainly on cellulose, a major component of wood. Continuous feeding leads to complete destruction.

It’s not just timber houses that are at risk. A 1998 CSIRO study of 4000 homes found that brick and steel–framed houses are equally at risk from Termite attack as timber–framed houses.

Termites will chew through other cellulose–based materials such as timber doors and window frames, skirting boards, floor boards and other cellulose–containing substances.

Termite damage affects 1 in 3 Australian homes, and this rate is on the increase. In fact, annual Termite damage is calculated to be 5 times that caused by fire, flood and storms combined. That’s a cost of more than 200 million dollars every year.

Part of the reason for the increase in Termite damage is due to the building materials we’re using. Introduced softwoods are particularly vulnerable to Termite attack. Unfortunately, the scarcity and slow growth rate of our native hardwood timbers means that more and more introduced softwoods are being used in timber–framed houses with concrete slab floors. This type of house is very prone to Termite attack and homes today are vulnerable to termite attack.

A Building Inspection or Timber Pest Inspection carried out by our Trained and Experienced Building & Timber Pest Inspectors will go a long way to help you be better informed. Why risk purchasing anything with termites or building defects? Our inspectors come backed with years of knowledge and experience.

Contact Quality Termite Control Sydney for a termite inspection and for qualified advice.

The photos above and to the left, show termites in a Sydney house which have found their way to the roofing timber – that is the most expensive timber to repair!

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