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Ants are incredibly defiant and persistent and are a pest problem for most households in Australia. Does your kitchen have a continual ant trail straight into the pantry? Even unopened baked goods don’t stand a chance. Ants bite straight through the packing and eat your sweet treats long before you get a chance to have the first bite. Besides the annoyance of separating ants from your food, ants can and do spread disease as they are essentially scavengers moving from garbage disposal areas into our homes, carrying various disease bearing organisms.


Cockroaches are a real nuisance, particularly for households on or near to the beach. Not only are they unsightly, but they are disease carriers, and can contaminate your food source. Look out for Cockroach droppings and outer body casts.

Fleas & Bed Bugs

Left uncontrolled, fleas can multiply and take hold of a property at an extremely rapid pace. Fleas are disease carriers and attack humans and pets causing skin irritation and swelling.

Bed Bugs feed on human blood and are nocturnal. They cause skin irritation and swelling and can bring on allergic reactions in some people.


Silver Fish

Silver Fish eat paper, cotton and cardboard. Photo albums, books and clothes are particularly susceptible to silver fish attack.


Wasps are particularly dangerous if their nest is disturbed. It may be tempting to eradicate the nest yourself, but if not done correctly, you can be engulfed by an angry swarm of wasps.



If you have a possum causing a problem in your property or garden, there are ways to deal with it without harming the animal. Possums are protected in Australia and removal of possums requires a licence. Quality Pest Control has the relevant licence for possum trapping and removal. Call us now for our expert advice in this area.


Methods of Control and Eradication:

At Quality Pest Control, we can control general pest infestations by applying the following methods of control and eradication:

Surface Spray – we apply specially formulated spray (deadly to pests, but friendly to people, pets and the environment). We use a variety of pest sprays formulated for specific pests that not only kill the pests, but interrupts the reproductive life cycle of the pests to control population growth.

Dust traps – dust can be applied inside roof and wall cavities beneath flooring in order to stop pests such as ants in their tracks.

Bait – Specially formulated Pest Control bait can be provided in selected areas.

Treatment of carpets and furniture, particularly for fleas.

Traps for rats and mice.

Some useful tips for the property owner:

Store all food items, particularly sweet foods in sealed containers eg. honey, cordial, sugar and baked goods. If your property attracts cockroaches, keep all food sources in sealed plastic containers, including bags of flour or rice. Cockroaches bite their way through standard packaging.

Keep garbage and recycling containers regularly cleared and cleaned. Wash out all containers for recycling.

Proofing – for pests such as cockroaches, your property can be proofed against cockroach entry including sealing cracks and crevices, and meshing over wider gaps. Quality Pest Control can provide you with the best advice for your property.

Regularly clear out your pantry by discarding old and forgotten food containers.

Wipe food containers with a wet cloth to remove any smears.

Vaccuum floors often and thoroughly and wash bed linen and pets bedding regularly to keep the spread of fleas/bed bugs at bay.

Contact Quality Pest Control for our expert advice or to arrange an on site inspection.